Datum Systems

Dal 1992 Datum Systems progetta e costruisce Modem Satellitari
per applicazioni VSAT e SCPC.
Caratteristiche fondamentali dei prodotti Datum Systems sono l’alta affidabilità ed i prezzi contenuti, quindi un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.




Datum Systems Inc. designs and manufactures satellite communications ground equipment. They are specialize in high performance satellite modems for SCPC and VSAT applications. Datum Systems uses sophisticated designs to provide customers with a combination of quality, state of the art performance and the lowest cost modem in the industry.

Them innovative modems are used in thousands of satellite links throughout the world. Datum modems have been performing reliably in nearly every country on the globe since 1992.



PSM-500 SCPC/VSAT – IF Satellite Modem

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PSM-500 SCPC/VSAT Satellite Modem

The PSM-500 is Datum Systems’ latest modem series intended to replace and surpass the features and performance of the very popular PSM-4900, while being completely backward compatible. The PSM-500 modem uses all of Datum Systems proprietary design implementations to achieve the best performance and reliability in the industry. The PSM-500 offers its customers the best value modem available.

The PSM-500 is a variable data rate programmable satellite modem with 70 MHz or 140 MHz IF options. It is available in 3 firmware upgradeable feature sets, the M505, M511 and the M523, which also includes data rates up to 29.52 Mbps. In addition to standard BPSK, QPSK or OQPSK, the PSM-500 can be upgrade via firmware to add 8PSK, 8QAM or 16QAM.modulation types. This modem is capable of having a wide variety of FEC configurations, including Viterbi (standard), Turbo and super performance LDPC. Turbo FEC options include Advanced “state of the art” 16k Block Turbo Product Codes and compatibility modes for multiple applications. The standard PSM-500 includes multiple data interfaces options and built-in 1:1 redundancy. The PSM-500 comes standard with an IBS Multiplexer, Asynchronous Overhead channel(s), AUPC and Remote Modem Control


PSM-500L SCPC/VSAT – IF Satellite Modem

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PSM-500L SCPC/VSAT L-Band Satellite Modem

The PSM-500L is the ultimate L-Band modem. Datum Systems designed this latest low cost modem specifically for small low cost VSAT type earth stations. It matches the performance and features of the PSM-500, but connects directly to the L-Band input of a BUC and output of an LNB to eliminate the normal expensive transmit and receive converter equipment. This modem uses all of Datum Systems proprietary design technology implementations to achieve the best performance and reliability in the industry. The PSM-500L is the best modem value available.

The PSM-500L contains an internal 10 MHz reference for an LNB and BUC, which may be individually enabled or disabled as required. It uses internal power for standard LNB (13 or 18 Vdc up to 500 mA), and a supplied external power source that plugs into the unit rear panel for various BUC power requirements. The standard supplied BUC power supply is 24 Vdc (up to 4 A). Additional external power options include 12 or 48 Vdc. The optional internal ±1 x 10-8 high stability, low phase noise OCXO and Bias-T circuitry insures good BUC performance.


PSM-500LT SCPC/VSAT – IF Satellite Modem

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PSM-500LT L-Band Satellite Terminal for VSAT/SCPC

The PSM-500LT Satellite Terminal is the newest addition to the M500 Series of modems. This terminal is based on the popular PSM-500L modem, but supports an integrated 24Vdc or 48Vdc power supply for small and medium size BUC applications. The PSM-500LT maintains all the latest features and options of the M500 series while providing reliable power to both BUC and LNB, and a high stability 10 MHz reference, all in a self contained 1 RU chassis that is only 13 inches deep.

The PSM-500LT uses all of Datum Systems proprietary design implementations to achieve the best performance and reliability in the industry. Reliability is achieved by smartly using the latest FPGA devices to reduce part counts and very efficient high quality power supplies. These supplies have high MTBF figures and lower operating temperatures than the competition uses today. Datum Systems understands the need for highly reliable modems, especially in very remote locations where it is both difficult and expensive to reach. In situations where redundancy is required, the PSM-500LT comes standard with a built in 1:1 redundancy feature that only requires a few combiner/dividers. The modem takes care of switching the BUC/LNB power and the High Stability 10 MHz Reference. This L-Band modem terminal has it all.

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