Peak Communications

Peak Communications products is all about Satellite Communications Equipment, Satcom Frequency Converters and other Earth Station Products


All products Peak Communications are available throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Peak Communications Ltd is a high quality designer, manufacturer and supplier of commercial and military satellite communications equipment. Peak Communications supplies to major telecommunications companies, system integrators, satellite users and defence agencies worldwide.

The mission of the Company is to provide high quality satellite communications RF equipment through technologically advanced products and to back this with best-of-class customer support.

The company is ideally positioned to address the UK, European and worldwide markets, it also has representitives appointed in strategic territories to support its customers worldwide.


peak_conv Peak-P700

  • Frequency Converters
  • Block Up Converters
  • Block Down Converters
  • Redundancy Units
  • IF Converter
  • Beacon Receiver
peak-pbu137c IBU600

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